Saturday, October 23

Make A Difference

The Church of the Home

Today is Make-A-Difference Day!

Make a Difference Day was created in 1992 by USA WEEKEND magazine and joined by Points of Light. Together they sponsored the largest national day of community service for more than twenty years. While the organizations no longer support Make a Difference Day, the observance still impacts communities around the country. Volunteers and organizations have taken up the banner to help their communities in ways that best fit their needs.

Resurrection is taking part in Make A Difference Day by pairing up individuals and families with those in our parish who need extra help in cleaning up their yards in preparation for winter.

Our faith calls us to make everyday Make A Difference Day. Our history is filled with individuals and groups who have made a difference in their communities and have impacted the world in holy ways. We can follow in their footsteps.

Josh McDonald of Busted Halo just published an article that speaks to this. And it ties in with our this year's parish focus on the Catholic Social Teachings. He writes:

In one way or another, every saint, every holy person, every committed Christian practices [the Catholic Social Teachings] in their own lives. Their examples can help us grow in holiness and truly become the “light of the world” Jesus calls us to be.

His article includes a short explanation of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teachings and examples of saints who have lived each theme. This is then followed by ways you can get involved.