Saturday, October 16

Serve, Not Be Served

The Church of the Home

"The path of service is the most effective antidote against the disease of seeking first place." -Pope Francis

Striving to improve yourself and trying your best is never wrong. However, when we become focused on being the best or obsessed with being #1, we tend to stray off the path of service.

One of the many lessons Jesus came to teach us was that we are to find greatness by serving others. We must be a servant despite what success or authority we gain throughout our lives. It is important to serve in major and minor ways. We have a choice every day to serve or to be served. How can you become a Church of the Home that serves more than it gets served?

5 Everyday Ways to Serve by Lara Patangan of

1. Do one hard thing a day

There’s almost always something we need to do that we put off, avoid, minimize, or act like Scarlet O’Hara by thinking, “Tomorrow is another day.” Call an old friend, visit a lonely neighbor, or read an extra bedtime. Tomorrow is another day, until it’s not.

2. Pray

You don’t have to fast or kneel on a concrete floor for hours. Just integrate it into your day. Talk to God while you drive, brush your teeth, or cook supper. Tell him a genuine struggle. You may be surprised how much better you feel.

3. Apologize