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Church of the Home for Saturday, September 2

Celebrating Labor Day

It's Labor Day weekend! This weekend is more than just celebrating the end of summer. It is the celebration of the fruits of our labors and our contributions to society.

Our faith has a long history of teaching the importance of just labor. Work is more than a means to earn money. It is a continued participation in being stewards of God's creation to benefit all people. Thus, all workers have dignity. Unfortunately, that is not the case across the world. Many workers are treated unjustly and unfairly.

This year, the U.S. bishops are calling us to focus on “Radical Solidarity with Working Families" and the need for policy solutions that enable families to thrive, the power of community organizing to create positive change in the lives of families, and the role unions can and often do play to support healthy, thriving families.

This Labor Day, take time in your Church of the Home to give thanks to those who work hard in your communities, pray for those who are underpaid and underappreciated, learn more about organizations and policies that fight for the rights of workers, support efforts that uphold the dignity all work, and research how your habits affect the work of others (such as products purchased that were manufactured unethically).

Lord, on this Labor Day,
we thank You for the blessing of work.
We ask for strength to complete each day.
We ask for rest when we are weary.
We ask Your guidance for everyone seeking employment,
and we ask that You be with those whose faces
we might never see but who work tirelessly each day
for the good of us all.


60 Days to 60 Years Continues

As we continue the countdown to our 60th Anniversary,

Resurrection invites you to participate in the many events being offered


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Avoidance of the difficulties of life doesn't make them disappear. We cannot bury the hard parts to get out of facing them. When we don't like what is in front of us and we get off course, it is a blessing to receive correction in love. Just as Jesus helped Peter see the correct direction, we all need relationships that help us follow God's will. Join Bridget as she reflects on this weekend's scripture readings.




This Weekend's Bulletin

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Recent Loss in our Parish Family



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