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Church of the Home for Saturday, November 4

Spiritual Work of Mercy:

Praying for the Living and Dead

One piece of Jesus' earthly mission was to teach humanity to love and express mercy. Through his teachings and actions, Jesus set an example for us to imitate throughout our lives. When we follow his example, we are practicing the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

November is traditionally the month we pray for those who have entered eternal life. Praying for those who have passed is rooted in scripture and is a staple of our faith. It is part of the Spiritual Work of Mercy of Praying for the Living and Dead.

Jesus prayed for those he loved, both living and passed. He taught us that through praying for each other, we are united. To pray for the living and the dead slashes the veil between life and death so love and support can prevail.

Ideas of praying for the living and dead in your Church of the Home
  • Request a Mass intention

  • Reflect upon those who have influenced your faith journey. Share memories and even pictures of these people and discuss as a Church of the Home their impact. If there is an activity that reminds you of that person, do it as a Church of the Home. For example, Grandpa always volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul, go and volunteer in his memory. If Great-Grandma always prayed the rosary before going to sleep, pray the rosary before bed too.

  • Print an empty calendar for the rest of the month of November. In each day’s square, we hand-write the name of someone who has died and pray for that person.

  • Use colored Popsicle sticks and write the names of deceased family members and friends, and those living who are in need of prayer . Place the sticks in a jar in the center of your kitchen table. After every meal, pray the traditional “after meal prayer” that goes:

We give You thanks For all Your benefits, almighty God Who lives and reigns forever. May the souls of the faithful departed, Through the mercy of God Rest in peace. Amen.

Then pull one of the sticks and pray “especially for” the person whose name is on the stick.


Join us for Mass this weekend in person

at 4:00 PM on Saturday, 8:30 or 10:30 AM on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



The concept of harmony can sometimes seem distant in society, despite the beautiful example within God's creation of the natural world. It is easy to point fingers and expect others to create harmony but it all begins with us. Join Tony as he reflects on this weekend's Gospel.




This Weekend's Bulletin

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Parish Lyceum

The Parish Lyceum will feature a variety of topics, guidelines, and relevant information to nurture the PIESS of our lives – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social.


The audio quality of last week's release of Auditio Divina was not up to the expected standard. Check out the updated version of Katie and Tony's reflection on the hit song "Need a Favor" by Jelly Roll as suggested by listener Sally.

Recent Losses in Our Parish Family



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Appetizers and drinks are included with ticket purchase.

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Ruby and Res

What do you do with your best friend after a night of Trick-or-Treating?

You pass out on a warm fuzzy blanket!



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