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Church of the Home for Saturday, May 4

Updated: May 4

Honoring Mary During May

May is considered the month of Mary because it is dedicated to honoring and celebrating Mary, the mother of Jesus. This tradition dates back to the 13th century when Pope Gregory XI declared May as the official month for honoring Mary.

There are several reasons why May is associated with Mary. One reason is that it is believed that Mary was born in May, although the exact date is unknown. Another reason is that May is a time of new life and growth, symbolizing the new life that Mary brought into the world through the birth of Jesus.

Additionally, May is a time of spring, when flowers and nature are in full bloom. This is often seen as a reflection of Mary's purity and beauty. In many cultures, May is also a time for mothers, and Mary is seen as the ultimate mother figure in Christianity.

During the month of May, Catholics and other Christians honor Mary through various devotions and practices. These may include praying the rosary, attending special Masses or processions, and placing flowers or crowns on statues of Mary.

Overall, the month of May is a special time to reflect on the life and virtues of Mary and to deepen our relationship with her as a mother and intercessor. It is a time to honor her role in the story of salvation and to seek her guidance and protection in

Walking to Mary is another popular tradition, where believers walk to a shrine or church dedicated to Mary as a sign of devotion and gratitude. Today, over 6,000 people participated in the annual Walk to Mary. Beginning at the National Shrine of St. Joseph St. Norbert College, pilgrims walked the part or all of the 21-miles to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion.

Resurrection is proud of our parish family members who prayed, trained for weeks, and walked today. Their commitment to this physical and spiritual test in perseverance is a true inspiration at testament of our faith.

As a Church of the Home, take time this month to grow in knowledge and devotion to Mary.

Reflection & Discussion Questions:

  1. Mary was a witness to the life of Jesus. She was there and saw his life unfold. Whose lives have you witnessed? Who witnesses your life?

  2. Catholics often ask Mary to intercede for them with important matters. Have you ever prayed for someone in need of prayer? Catholics call this "intercession." Have you ever asked for Mary’s intercession?

  3. Make a list of different mother figures you know who have had an impact on your life (your mother, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, etc.). What characteristics do these women have in common?


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We start with good intentions, but life distracts us and sometimes we let love slip away. Jesus emphasized the importance of remaining in his love, making it a way of life. It requires actively choosing to see the world with love and engaging with others in a loving manner. Join Steve as he reflects on this weekend's scripture readings.




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The Parish Lyceum will feature a variety of topics, guidelines, and relevant information to nurture the PIESS of our lives – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social.


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