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Church of the Home for Saturday, June 17

Celebrating Fathers

Father’s Day is an appropriate time to recall the essential role of fathers in the life of the family and in building a culture of life. It is also an opportunity to highlight spiritual fatherhood, which all men are called to embrace.

As a parish family, we encourage and support men to follow the example of St. Joseph and embrace their various roles as father. Even if someone is not a biological parent, he is still called to spiritual fatherhood—a fatherhood that fosters others’ relationship with God, protecting them, and providing an example of Christ’s love.

Pope Francis comments that: “Fathers are not born, but made. A man does not become a father simply by bringing a child into the world, but by taking of the responsibility to care for the child. Whenever a man accepts responsibility for the life of another in some way, he becomes a father to that person.”

Happy Father's Day to all those who are living out the spiritual works of mercy day in and day out.
Thank you to all those who father!

Ideas to Celebrate All Fathers

I Love You Because…

It’s nice to be remind the fathers in our lives why we love them. Write down all the reasons your Church of the Home love the different fathers who are a part of your lives and present to them with your lists.

Write Down Something Awesome He’s Taught You

What’s one lesson your father taught you that you’ll never forget? You probably have several. Write them into a beautiful card or letter to create a gift from the heart.

The Gift of Time

Sometimes, the best gift one could ask for is some time with family. When everyone in the family has such busy lifestyles, the gift of time is the most precious gift there is, and he’ll appreciate the effort everyone makes to spend some time as a family on Father’s Day.

Have a ‘Remember When’

Sit down and do some old-fashioned reminiscing — yes, even if all the stories he wants to bring up are the embarrassing ones from when you were nine and you’ve heard them a million times.

Father’s Day Name Poem

“F” is for “Fantastic,” “A” is for “Awesome,” etc. Have everyone in your Church of the Home create a Father’s Day name poem.

And what's Father's Day without some great Dad Jokes?

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“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few." How are you a laborer in God's field? When we answer the call to go out and harvest through ministry, we reap the many blessings and graces bestowed by God. Join Marla as she reflects on this weekend's scripture readings.




This Weekend's Bulletin

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60 Days of Gratitude and Hope

As we officially begin our countdown to our 60th Anniversary as a parish, we offer daily thoughts written by charter members, past and current pastoral leaders, and parishioners of all ages.

We hope their stories of our beginnings,

of moments of faith,

of signs of promise,

and prayers of gratitude

inspire us all to move into the future,

a future full of hope.

Share your memories, reflections, thoughts and stories via our online form

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Ruby and Res

Ruby is waiting patiently for the tomatoes to arrive.



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