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Church of the Home for Saturday, August 26

Back to School

That time of year has returned - Back to School Time! Students from pre-school through Learning in Retirement are heading back to the classroom. For many Churches of the Home, routines are changing, time becomes more constrained, and learning is more formalized.

Back to School time is when all Churches of the Home use this time of transition to implement new strategies to become stronger and more successful.

Tips for every Church of the Home to Implement

During this Back to School Time

Get to bed at a reasonable time

Make it a priority to wind down together with quiet stories, prayers, and a prompt bedtime.

Avoid over-scheduling

Everybody needs downtime to process the day. Don’t plan too many activities that take away from relaxation time at home.

Implement consistent routines

Consistency provides a sense of comfort at any age because it evokes feelings of safety and security.

Ask for help sooner rather than later

If you or someone in your Church of the Home is experiencing difficulty, whether academically, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, ask for help before the problem escalates.

Communicate often

Ensure your day has multiple opportunities to communicate as a Church of the Home. Ask open-ended questions about how everyone is feeling, rather than questions that can be answered with a yes or no.

Devote time to growing in faith

Beyond attending Mass and participating in faith formation classes, commit time to learn more about our faith as a Church of the Home. Read, watch videos, and listen to podcasts about the sacraments, saints, and church teachings.

Pray for each other

Begin and end the day by praying for each member of your Church of the Home and the people you encounter throughout the day, especially teachers and classmates.

Keep smiling

Prayer for Students

Dear Lord,

As our students begin a new school year,

we pray that you will keep them in your care.

Send your Spirit to open their minds

to all that is true and beautiful and good.

Help them to see the gifts and talents

you have given them and to use them well.

Help them to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Help them to be kind to others

and lead others to be kind to them.

Give their teachers patience and understanding

and help them teach what is just and true.

Send your angels to guide and guard our

children and to keep them from all harm.

Open their young hearts to your presence

and enfold them in your peace and protection.

Hold them in the palm of your hand

and bring them home safely at day’s end.



60 Days to 60 Years Continues

As we continue the countdown to our 60th Anniversary,

Resurrection invites you to participate in the many events being offered


Join us for Mass this weekend in person

at 4:00 PM on Saturday, 8:30 or 10:30 AM on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



Structure and authority can sometimes be looked upon as limiting and restrictive words. However, they are concepts necessary for the Kingdom of God to grow. Success is built upon the chosen ground and Jesus chose Peter to build his Church on. Join Tony as he reflects upon this weekend's Gospel.




This Weekend's Bulletin

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Resurrection is seeking a Parish Administrative Assistant.

This part-time position provides support for the Business Administrator and Parish Leadership Team and has positive interactions with parish members and all we serve. If you know of someone who has children in school or has recently retired and is looking to join a vibrant team serving others; see the Res Web or contact the parish office.


Recent Losses in Our Parish Family



Complete Snack Suggestions
avoid any peanut/nut items because of allergies.
Individual packages are great.

animal crackers

graham crackers ( scooby snacks)

teddy grahams

cheese crackers

granola bars

cereal bags

nutri-grain bars





veggie straws

fruit strips/fruit roll ups

fruit snacks

GoGo squeeze applesauce

GoGo squeeze yogurt

Join Team Resurrection today!

$25/adult | $20/youth (17 & under)

Register online at

Our team name is Resurrection Catholic Parish

and the team password is Res


Ruby and Res

Ruby's more of a dollhouse dog,

less of a doghouse dog.



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