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Saturday, September 18

Get Ready to Embrace the Chillier Months.

The Church of the Home

Fall is in the air. The sights, sounds, and aromas of fall are popping up as a sign of the changing of seasons. Despite the beauty and wonder of Autumn that God creates, saying goodbye to summer can be difficult.

If you're in a bit of a post-summer slump and need a boast, Cerith Gardnier of Aleteia has listed simple ways to lift your spirits:

1. Rip up that summer to-do list

You may have had a list of things you wanted to achieve during this summer, but you might not have been able to accomplish everything, leaving you frustrated. So get your pen and paper and make a more realistic list of things you must do, things you'd like to achieve, and things you dream of achieving.

2. Get some fresh flowers

Whether it's from your garden or a florist, a lovely bouquet will brighten up your mood and your house. If you'd like something with longevity, treat yourself to a dream plant and take time and pleasure in nurturing it. Scientists say that plants are great for creativity and for providing positive energy, so why not create your own home jungle?

3. Restrict Activities

Tempting as it is to get your kids and/or yourself involved in numerous sports and activities, you don't want to set yourself up for a year of endless running around. COVID has reminded us that simplicity is key so allow yourselves time to enjoy being at home and enjoying one another's company.

4. Get exercising

During COVID many people were more sedentary and were left with a few extra pounds. Try to increase your physical activity, even if it is just going for a brisk evening stroll. Those endorphins will certainly give you a feeling of satisfaction, and with any luck you'll get back into last winter's clothes!

5. Write to someone you admire

Whether it's a family member, someone in your community, or an outsider who has positively impacted your life, take the time to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. By bothering to acknowledge others we can think about all that is good in our lives -- and the recipient will no doubt appreciate the compliment.

6. Open your windows

Whatever the weather, open your windows each morning and say "hello" to the world. You never know, you might get a regular visit from one of God's smaller creatures, or you might have a cheerful wave from a neighbor. Try looking outside and seeing what is good out there, and the opportunities that might come your way.

7. Learn about a new saint

When you feel that life is hard, it sometimes helps to appreciate the difficulties other people of faith had to contend with. Finding out about a saint who managed to live a life dedicated to God in horrific circumstances really helps to put things in perspective, and keeps expectations in check.

8. Pray and Worship

This is a classic, but a sure way of immediately

feeling better. Put your woes in God's hands and let Him help you as you traverse changing or difficult times in life. Masses and being active within the parish family supports your journey and brings peace.


Join us for Mass this weekend in person at 4:oo on Saturday, 8:30 or 10:30 on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



Will you choose to open your heart to the possibilities of the power of good? Join Paula as she reflects on the power of relationships shown through the love between a little girl and an 82 year old man.


This Weekend's Bulletin

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Recent Losses in Our Parish Family



The ark was built in 3 stories.

The top one had a window to let in light.

How did the bottom two stories get light?

They used floodlights.




Ruby's Reflection

Hi Friends,

It’s fall sports season. I hear so many people talking about football and volleyball, soccer and baseball. A few of my friends keep talking about the goats of our time.

GOATS? Why are we talking about goats? Dogs are the greatest, aren’t we?

Tony told me that the goats people are talking about isn’t the animal but the Greatest Of All Time.

Well, would you believe that this wasn’t the first time I’d heard talk about who was the greatest? It’s also part of this weekend’s Gospel reading. The disciples were arguing about who was the greatest! Jesus told them and us today that “if anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”

Jesus’s words make me reflect on how I can put others first and be a servant to everyone. Maybe I can share my favorite stick with my dog friends and neighbors. Or maybe cuddle with a friend that seems sad until they feel better. What can you do to be a better servant in the world and put others first?

I think I learned a lot this week! Like always, I have so much more to learn!





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