Saturday, January 15 - Second Weekend of Ordinary Time

Across the generations, weddings are joyous events. They are a time to celebrate love. While the love between the couple is the focus, weddings also honor the love between families, between friends, and between God and us.

This weekend, we celebrate the first miracle Jesus performed in public, which happened to be at a wedding. When the wine ran out, Mary persuades Jesus to save the couple from embarrassment and reveal his divinity by turning ordinary washing water into the finest wine.

Jesus' attendance and his usage of his divine power to save the celebrations from disaster are taken as evidence of his approval for marriage and celebrations. Other lessons we can learn from this Gospel account are:

  • Mary tells the servants at the wedding to "do whatever he tells you." Those words are not only for the servants but for us as well. Are we listening and doing what Jesus asks of us?

  • We are to pay attention to those around us and notice when they are in need. Because Mary saw that the wine was gone, she was able to help avoid a problem. Are we aware of those around us that need help? How can we intervene to make sure everyone has what they need?

  • The ordinary can become extraordinary in the hands of Jesus. Do we see Jesus revealed in our ordinary lives?

  • And lastly, Jesus listened to his mother even though he said it was not yet his time. Do we listen to our parents and others who know whats best for us and the situation?

Put yourself at the Wedding in Cana this weekend.

What lessons can you take away and live out in your Church of the Home?

Celebrate the first miracle of Jesus by reflecting on your wedding or a special wedding you attended - maybe over a glass of wine or grape juice.