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Church of the Home for Saturday, June 15

Celebrating Father's Day with Humor

All men are called to the vocation of fatherhood; some are called to live this out as fathers of biological, adopted, or foster children, while others are called to be spiritual fathers. Spiritual fathers include godparents, priests, deacons, uncles, and other men who often serve as fathers in important ways within extended family, parish communities, or individuals’ lives.

Many dads have a very important item in their father's toolkit: Dad Jokes.

A recent post on a reddit social network entitled "DadJokes" highlighted why cringe-worthy jokes and dads are synonymous:

"Never understood why dads and corny jokes were a thing. I did notice it's a mostly true thing.

But I understand today. Asked my four year old what an 8 is. He doesn't know so I enlightened him that it's a zero with a belt.

[He lost it]. He's just mastered numbers and letters and this was hysterical to him. I'm the funniest man alive. He's told the joke back to me about twenty times. Today.

Teenagers, this is why dads tell those jokes. They're chasing the indescribable high of this moment with a little kid. I found them cringeworthy as a teenager, but I get it now."

This weekend we celebrate all fathers and father-figures, along with their attempts at humor.


Join us for Mass this weekend in person at 4:00 PM on Saturday, 8:30 or 10:30 AM on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



When issues arise in life, there are two paths to take: creating crisis or spreading love. Our focus shouldn't be on changing the entire world to our view but rather bringing more love into the world. When we share simple acts of kindness, seeds of compassion are sown. Join Steve as he reflects on this weekend's scripture readings.




This Weekend's Bulletin

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Parish Lyceum

The Parish Lyceum will feature a variety of topics, guidelines, and relevant information to nurture the PIESS of our lives – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social.

Tune in to hear Roger Vanden Busch and Karolyn Efferson tackle the topic of alcohol addiction, debunking common misconceptions along the way.





Ruby and Res

Celebrate Father's Day like Ruby...spending time with Dad doing what he loves.



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