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Church of the Home for Saturday, January 7

The Epiphany

"Like the Magi, may we also journey and be attentive, untiring and courageous on the path to find the invisible God who was born among us."

Pope Francis

This weekend, the church rejoices and celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany. The word epiphany comes from the Greek word meaning manifestation. And so, this feast is the celebration of the revelation of God to ALL PEOPLE that Jesus is the Christ.

This revelation is illustrated by the journey of the Magi and their

presentation of gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus. Their gifts foreshadowed Jesus' destiny of kingship (gold), prayer & priesthood (frankincense), and death (myrrh).

The Magi, traditionally named Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, were the first gentiles to visit and pay homage to Jesus. This event teaches us that Jesus is for all people, not only a select few. If we follow the message of the Epiphany, we embrace an attitude of interfaith and ecumenical hospitality.

God lead the Magi to something far more significant than they could know. This is how we are called to live our lives. We need to trust in God and follow his lead where we need to be, no matter how difficult or elusive things might be on the journey. We should seek Jesus in our daily lives in unexpected ways. Pope Francis reminds us to get out of our comfort zone and seek God like the Magi. He said that if they had stayed home and not traveled to Bethlehem, they never would have encountered the Lord.

Celebrating the Epiphany within your Church of the Home

Reflect and discuss:

  1. What gifts do you bring to the Lord?

  2. How can you leave your comfort zone and seek God in new ways?

  3. What can you do to welcome all people into the love of Christ?

  4. How can you celebrate the three gifts of the Magi?

    • What is precious or valuable in your life (gold)?

    • What brings you closer to God (frankincense)?

    • What part of your physical being needs to be honored and taken care of (myrrh)?

Read the Gospel (Matthew 2:1-12) for the Epiphany of the Lord aloud with your Church of the Home. Re-read it and allow the story to speak to you in some new way. Discuss the insights each person gained by reading it a second time

Look at the stars. Since the Magi followed the Star of Bethlehem to find their way to Jesus’ birthplace, go out stargazing.

Chalk the door.

People in Mexico, Spain, France, and Germany celebrate the day by sharing a King’s Cake. Make a King's Cake and don’t forget to place a symbol of the baby Jesus in the batter. This could be a small bean or an almond. The one who gets the slice of cake containing the symbol is considered to be especially blessed.

Join us for Mass this weekend at 4:00 PM on Saturday, and 8:30 or 10:30 AM on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



We search for Christ’s healing light when darkness enters our lives. In the times we find ourselves traveling down dark paths, there is a guiding star for us and for all people to follow.

Join Fr Tim as he reflects on the Epiphany from this weekend's Gospel.


This Weekend's Bulletin

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Just for Laughs

Those who are wise and seek Jesus also play golf!

(found on the 14th Fairway in Arizona by Larry Miller)


Ruby and Res

"Maybe if I close my eyes, no one will see me take this present."



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