Saturday, August 28

La Iglesia del Hogar

The Church of the Home

The Church of the Home is reaching across the world and connecting with one of our parish family members who is currently in Spain. Yes, our own Fr Tom is in Spain, walking a section of the Camino de Santiago trail.

But what is the Camino de Santiago?

This trail, translated to the Way of St. James in English, is a pilgrimage route that leads to the Shrine of the apostle St. James in northwestern Spain. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make this centuries old pilgrimage for an unforgettable experience that challenges the mind, body, and soul. It is a type of retreat that allows those that walk the routes to grow spiritually.

The Camino de Santiago is only one way to make a pilgrimage. There are many opportunities locally to make a journey to a holy place. Whether you make a day pilgrimage to one of the Shrines in Wisconsin or just reflect on your daily faith journey towards God, ask yourself:

  • How are you doing on your journey?

  • What are the highlights of your journey?

  • What challenges lie ahead on your journey?

  • Who is supporting you or walking with you on your journey?