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Saturday, August 28

La Iglesia del Hogar

The Church of the Home

The Church of the Home is reaching across the world and connecting with one of our parish family members who is currently in Spain. Yes, our own Fr Tom is in Spain, walking a section of the Camino de Santiago trail.

But what is the Camino de Santiago?

This trail, translated to the Way of St. James in English, is a pilgrimage route that leads to the Shrine of the apostle St. James in northwestern Spain. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make this centuries old pilgrimage for an unforgettable experience that challenges the mind, body, and soul. It is a type of retreat that allows those that walk the routes to grow spiritually.

The Camino de Santiago is only one way to make a pilgrimage. There are many opportunities locally to make a journey to a holy place. Whether you make a day pilgrimage to one of the Shrines in Wisconsin or just reflect on your daily faith journey towards God, ask yourself:

  • How are you doing on your journey?

  • What are the highlights of your journey?

  • What challenges lie ahead on your journey?

  • Who is supporting you or walking with you on your journey?

Let's check in with Fr Tom

This is the beginning for my friend and I to walk the Portugal Way. You can see the excitement in my eyes! I discovered that we started an hour away from Portugal so we are only walking in Spain.

Beach by Atlantic Ocean as we started our journey. So beautiful! Saw great beaches and a strong fishing industry as we went north.

Dreams of spending time on beach. The combination of land and sea always brings new to a peaceful place. I also found peace in a huge platter of seafood and rice dish called paella and Spanish Rioja wine! Delicious!

I am ready to go off into the worlds ocean to encounter new lands! I am aboard a replica of "La Pinta" in Baiona, Spain. What were the other 2 ships named as Columbus made his discoveries? Google that! :)

We saw many of these devotional monuments along the way. Most in people's yards. Popular religion has been a part of history here in Galicia.

The road less traveled! I had many opportunities to reflect on life one step at a time. There was much time to pray for you as well. My body is sore but my soul content...

A beautiful walk on second day. The country side welcomed us on its paths. After 13 miles today and 17 yesterday I am very tired but invigorated by the beauty.

Today, Saturday, we encountered a Jurassic moment in the land of the giants. Fun painting on under pass of highway...


Join us for Mass this weekend in person at 4:oo on Saturday, 8:30 or 10:30 on Sunday, on, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.



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Ruby & Res

Before Fr Tom left for Spain, Ruby took every opportunity to cuddle with her dad.



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