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Stewardship Team

The Resurrection Stewardship Team is here to help our entire parish live a stewardship way of life. As disciples of Jesus we express our Gospel values through stewardship and evangelization. We live the Gospel (stewardship: prayer, service and sharing) and we share the Gospel (evengelization). Here you will find resources and inspiration for your continued growth in stewardship.

Stewardship Team Members: Dorian Bennett, Terry and Marlene Buboltz, Sylvia Corbeill, Joyce Dirschl, Jackie Jocewicz, Mary Holewinski-McCabe, Kathleen VandeWalle, Carol Widi


We are the Hands and Feet of Christ

This may look like a lot of things from family life to community service, but Christ has no hands and feet on earth but ours. We invite you to listen to this short reflection from team member Terry Buboltz to jump start your heart for stewardship.

‘No Hands but Yours’

During World War II, the story is told that a French village had been bombed by mistake.

When the villagers returned home, very little had been left undamaged. Refusing to be daunted, the people resolved to rebuild their little town.

When clearing away the rubble they found pictures of white marble from a statue that had stood in the middle of town. The townspeople decided to rebuild the statue and commissioned the best sculptor they could find to handle the project.

When the statue was finally completed, it was unveiled amidst much fanfare. The statue turned out to be a figure of Christ…but it was missing its hands, which had been damaged beyond repair.

The villagers though about it and decided to change the inscription on the statue.

No longer did it read, “Come unto Christ.”

The statue now reminded them daily: “I have no hands but yours.”

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Faith-Filled Prayer

Transform us through the power of your Spirit to nurture a Stewardship way of life marked by faith-filled prayer, service to our neighbor and generous sharing.

Generous and loving God,

You call us to be disciples of your Son Jesus and good stewards of all your many gifts.

Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of your countless blessings.

Teach us to be faithful servants of your gifts.  With Mary’s help, may we return ten-fold the gifts entrusted to us.

We pray through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.


Service To Our Neighbor

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Generous Sharing

Stewardship is one of those beautiful expressions of discipleship that takes many forms. Many aspect of sharing are financial - sacrificial giving, bequests, and fundraising.

But there are other aspects of sharing as well - the sharing of relationship, compassion and joy, the sharing of the Gospel, and the sharing of friendship with Jesus.