Advent Ideas 2017!

Advent is upon us and it is a short season this year! Check out the videos and links below to find the perfect way for YOU to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus in a few short weeks!

Advent Care of Creation Calendar

For the we journey of these next 23 days, we offer reflections based on the daily Scripture readings. Pope Francis invites us to hear the cry of the Earth. We extend that invitation this season to hear the Earth rejoice in the coming of the Savior of All.

2017 Reverse Advent Giving Calendar


Advent Wreath

The easiest of Advent traditions is to assemble three purple candles and one light pink candle in an Advent wreath arrangment. Light one candle and then another successively on the Sundays of Advent until all your candles are lit - purple, purple, pink, purple. It is a great way to remember the season and bring some extra beauty to your meals.

Message in the Manger

Encourage the teens, tweens, and college-aged members of your congregation to do a little more texting throughout Advent this year. No, not that kind of texting (though this devotional booklet does have short textable messages to share). The text they’ll page through is the Bible as they travel to Bethlehem to find Jesus, the Message In The Manger.

Shepherd on the Search

Your kids are invited to join a special Advent quest! In this Christmas game of hide-and-seek, children will love reading the colorfully illustrated storybook about the shepherds' journey to the Manager at Bethlehem - and finding the plush doll you hide each day.

Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree gets it’s name from Isaiah 11:1-2 “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon Him.”

The main Branch is a Biblical sign of the expected coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ and the faithfulness of God. The other branches of the tree represent a piece of the stories that make up the whole story of God’s relationship with His people. As we read through the stories we see God’s people awaiting the coming of the Messiah. Similar to how we anxiously wait through each day of December in anticipation of celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Kindness Elves

St. Andrew's Christmas Novena

In keeping with his role as “the first”, the feast of St. Andrew marks the beginning of a new liturgical year with the start of Advent: the Sunday that falls nearest to St. Andrew’s feast day on November 30th is always the first Sunday of Advent.

The most popular St. Andrew’s feast day tradition is for everyone, and that is the tradition to begin a Christmas novena prayer on St. Andrew’s feast day.

Best Advent Ever

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