Welcome Back Fr. Jim Feely

Hello, People of the Resurrection... 

This weekend, we “Welcome Home”, our Temporary Administrator, and former pastor (from 1976 until 1985), Msgr. Jim Feely. We can be so grateful that he has agreed to “come out of retirement”at 87, and help us in the next 4 months of transitional time, until a new, permanent Pastor or Parish Leader(with Priest Celebrant)is appointed here for our parish family.

Father Jim is a Green Bay native, a graduate of the Norbertine Central Catholic High School – one of the fore-runners of Notre Dame Academy.  
He was ordained in 1958 and has served many parishes throughout the diocese.
He has also exercised a beautiful ministry of Spiritual Director and Retreats Master through the years, particularly at Holy Name Retreat House on Chambers Island, and at the Norbertine Center for Spirituality right in our parish boundaries.
He is a kind, wise and holy man; please welcome him, support him and keep him in your prayers!

These months are meant as a‘maintenance/no big changes time’, in preparation for the next permanent shepherd for our parish family.

+This Wednesday, March 6th, we begin the Lenten Season –quite late this year.
There will be 3 Ash Wednesday Masses – 
at 6:30AM, 8:05AM and 6:30PM.

On Lenten weekdays, there will be 1 Daily Mass this year – 
·Mondays & Tuesdays at 6:30AM with Fr. Dean Dombroski.
·Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, at 8:05AM, with Fr. Feely.

Please remember also…
·Fridays in Lent & Ash Wednesday are “abstinence /meatless” for those aged 14 and older.
·Ash Wednesday and Good Friday ask us to “fast” - limiting ourselves to -1 ‘full’ meal; 2 smaller ones; and ‘no snacks’ for those aged 18 until 59.

As Lent becomes Easter; as transition promises new life in Christ – 
“God bless us…EVERY one”!