Announcement from Fr. Tim

Dear Brothers & Sisters –

After an unsettled, overwhelming year…it has become clear to me, through the routine & extraordinary events of the parish life, that I do not have the capacity & the skills to lead this ‘parish family’ forward at this crucial time.

I mean that simply as an honest truth: I am not the ‘right fit’, particularly in staff coordination & fiscal matters & my own level of energy. This does not disparage the parish, or me. No ‘blame’ intended; it’s just the reality of things.

So, at my request, after much prayer, soul-searching, sleeplessness and consultation, both Abbot Radecki and Bishop Ricken have given me permission to conclude my assignment here on Friday, March 1st.

For the Resurrection Parish Family: A “Temporary Administrator” will be appointed to cover the next 4 months; a new pastor will arrive on July 1st. Please welcome them with warmth, openness, trust and your prayers.

For myself: I have asked to reclaim a 4-month portion of my sabbatical (deferred as I arrived here last year) to ‘catch my breath’, make a good, directed retreat, cultivate some balance, energy & equilibrium, and tend to my Dad. I look to begin a new assignment as pastor, in a more modest setting, here in the diocese, on July 1st.

Both to those who have been disappointed by my coming or my being here, and to those whom I disappoint by my leaving at this time, I offer a sincere apology for my shortfall. Please forgive me.

The challenges and opportunities of this stretch at Resurrection have brought me closer to Jesus, more fervent, faithful, even desperate, in prayer…and finding Him always close by. 
For that, I am most grateful.

Thank God and God bless you, always!
Father Tim Shillcox, O.Praem