Fr. Tim's Letter - January 20th, 2019

Hello, People of the Resurrection!


Not wanting to run away from Christmas too fast – would that every day was Christmas, and the Word of God would become flesh and blood in every word, action, dream, relationship and aspect of every one of our lives – but Winter Ordinary Time, and beyond it, Lent, 2019, which begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6th also hold some promise and opportunities for us.

I’m excited, and I hope you will be also, to offer 3 weekends of “Teaching Masses” here at Resurrection – February 2/3 and 9/10 and 16/17.

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It will be follow-up on the G.O.D. November segment on the Eucharist.  Hopefully too, it will be instructional for disciples of all ages, families, couples and individuals.

The Mass has been offered every weekend for 20 centuries. (Those of us who are weak, need it daily!) 

Our Church teaches that it is the “source & summit” of our life together in Christ:  The place we get all the energy, strength and mercy we need to live the Gospel; and the place we look most like the Heavenly Church, gathered together around one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one Table.

Folks have risked all, travelled much and made substantial sacrifices to be able to “Do this in remembrance of Jesus.”  And yet, in recent times, attendance plummets, and folks seem ‘bored’ and disengaged. Our head count in November, 2018 revealed only 24% of registered members present.

In these weekends, we will dissect a portion of the Mass to explain “why we do what we do”, and the rich symbolism and beauty of the Mass.  

This has been very helpful in my own life, back when I was 24; I observe it has helped other reclaim a deepened appreciation and experience of Mass. May the same be true here at Resurrection for us, and anyone you want to invite to join us!

No worries – we will honor the “60-minute” time frame, absolutely. I promise!

We will also forgo Baptisms during Masses these 3 weekends to respect the time frame and focus on this project.

For many, coming to Mass 3 weekends in a row is nothing different from our regular routine.  For others, it will mean a commitment and change in patterns.  I hope, pray and plead with you to make those arrangements, commitments and sacrifices, so that we will grow together in the Lord through the “Main Event” of the Roman Catholic Church – the Sunday Mass. As we do, please...

“God bless us…EVERY one”!


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