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Dear Parishioners,

Over the years I have been inspired by the consistent caring that has been extended to neighbors, friends and parishioners who may need a little extra help.  It’s been a natural expression of your baptismal call to care for one another.  A beautiful thing to behold!

Whenever we here on staff became aware of a parishioner who was ill or in need of help, we often connected them with a parishioner who was a neighbor or who sat near them at Mass or had offered to help if someone was in need.  The Helping Hands ministry developed by Mary Meisinger several years ago grew out of that felt need in the parish.  Many of you participate as a “helper” by delivering a warm meal, providing transportation, assisting with household chores and errands or simply being a friend by phoning or sending a note. 

A few years ago our Stewardship Committee took on the tremendous project of calling every member of the parish just to connect and let people know they are not forgotten. Our Pastoral Staff visits and brings communion to our homebound parishioners each month.  We make every effort to visit our parishioners in nursing homes and Assisted Living on a regular basis.  Added to this are all the unnumbered (and mostly unknown to us) ways you continue to be the hands and heart of Christ.


As our parish has grown and aged we are concerned that we have lost touch with more of our members. In order to complete our circle of care for those parishioners we may have missed, we are on a mission and we need your help! 

Please complete the information below.  When you hit submit it will be sent directly to me. Alternately, you can call me at 336-7768 ext. 133.  Since I’m not there every day, just leave a message in my voicemail and I’ll get back to you.

Peace to you all,

Sheila DeLuca

Do you need a visitor?
Who do you know that may need a visitor from the parish?
Who do you know that may need a visitor from the parish?
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If you are free to share, what is the name of the person?
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