Fr. Tim's Letter - October 21, 2018


Hello People of the Resurrection...

People of the Resurrection...

The diocese sent word last week that our “Annual Head-Count Weekends” are approaching in early November.  Of course that process will provide important data – especially this year of various transitions and challenges in our Church’s life.

It’s a reminder for me to share some other data with you, having entered into a new year of Educational and (fee-free) Faith Formation Ministry here at Resurrection. Last year’s numbers are in parentheses.

·        Fr. Allouez Catholic School – Early Childhood – Grade 8 = 326 (333)

·        GOD – 4K-10 = 182 (169)

·        GOD Families = 96 (84)

·        GOD Adults = 26 (4)

·        Confirmation57 (33)

·        RCIA = 1 (2)

As we’re preparing the Sacramental Statistical Report for the diocese, we will get those numbers to you as well. 

Informally, it seems that both Baptisms and Funerals are ‘up’. Weddings – there were 11 this year – smaller than the number we could expect for a parish this size, but also consistent with national trend of young adults marrying later in life, and celebrating their weddings outside a church setting.

Fiscally, as perhaps you have seen, we’re tracking about $37K behind operating budget at this point – 3 months into the year.

I was told that with most pastoral transitions, the expectation is that contributions go down approximately 20% (Yikes!) I was also told that this was already factored into the 2018-2019 operating budget. (Double Yikes!) You should know that I make it a ‘point of honor’ never to know or inquire about what anybody gives or doesn’t in church support.

With regard to the 2018 Bishop’s Appeal, we exceeded our goal of $100K by another $60K; half of this goes to the diocese; $10K comes back to us and, by Bishop Bob’s and the Finance Council’s prior decision, which I’ve eagerly support, $18K goes (anonymously) to help struggling parishes to finish their Bishop’s Appeal goals.

Of course data can be tricky – subject to various interpretations. I just wanted to ‘put it out there’ for you to be prayerfully aware. Any comments or questions are always welcome.

Trusting that God will provide, we pray, “God bless us...EVERY one”!

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