Fr. Tim's Letter - September 2nd, 2018

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People of the Resurrection...

Labor Day Weekend, and the beginning of another “academic cycle of activity” brings with it a variety of feelings and responses. 

Most young folks I’ve asked are ready to get back to school.  Adults may be relieved; and some of us would prefer to go back to June and begin (or begin again) the summer respite.  But ready or not…here it is! Taking it in small bites, a few important things this week:

  • Having celebrated the Feast of St. Augustine on Tuesday, and Norbertine vowing and anniversaries, I wanted you to know a bit about him. 

The cover photo depicts him as an early bishop.  (The statue is outside my room at the abbey.)  But earlier in life, he was a ‘playboy’ and a ‘brilliant religious skeptic’.  Still, at 32, he experienced an amazing conversion!

We follow his “Rule” for religious houses.  His primacy of “community before ministry” is ‘key’ for us.  So is his insight, gleaned from lived experience – the School of Hard Knocks: “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord! And our hearts are restless, until they rest in You.”

Please - let’s make sure that there’s time amidst the ‘busy-ness’ ahead, to rest regularly in the Lord!  Then we will know what to do, and have what we need to do it well, and joyfully!

  • The struggle in which our Church finds itself, related to the sexual abuse of children, infidelity of some priests, and insufficient and negligent leadership by some bishops is a bitter pill…a painful reality…one we have to deal with.

At the Worship and Spirituality Committee Meeting last week, there was a ‘sensitive’ discussion, about what we can do…since this is OUR Church, too!

We will follow up, looking to schedule a Gathering of Prayer and Open Forum Conversation for anyone who wants to come, listen, speak, pray, vent, suggest or share.  This is meant as a “first step”. Please look for details in next week’s bulletin.

  • Autumn Fest was wonderful last weekend! Sincere thanks to all who have worked so hard to make it happen, and to all who participated in this day which:
    • celebrates our “communion” in Christ,
    • our hospitality and welcome to all, in His Name,
    • and rejoices in the simple gifts of food, drink, family, friendship, fun and Faith!

Now as we take a ‘laborless Labor Day’ (and pray in thanksgiving for those who labor for us on these holidays like doctors and nurses, law enforcement, military personnel and emergency responders) and then ‘get to work’…please….

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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