Fr. Tim's Letter - August 19, 2018

People of the Resurrection...


Following up from last weekend’s message about staff changes, I want to acknowledge the wonderful ministry which Terry Buboltz has exercised as a ‘quarter-time staff member’ at Resurrection these past few years. He stepped forward when there was a need to bridge the hiring gap, and he has coordinated, and accompanied our Middle School and High School “Young Neighbors in Action” Summer Mission Trips.

Terry has brought deep faith, tender heart, great humor and deep respect and intuition for our young brothers and sisters to this ministry!  He has grown a pattern of planning, integrating the spiritual and Gospel aspects of the project, and empowering our youth to step forward and take responsibility for this effort.  He’s also made it a lot of fun! It has been a joy to watch our sons and daughters with him, respond to his witness, leadership and direction! Like so many of us, they “Love the Jesus they see in you, Terry!”

We’re grateful to you Terry!  We look forward to other ways, including the Stewardship Committee, that you will allow the Holy Spirit to propel you into the life of our parish family! We praise God, and thank you, for being a joyful, humble, credible witness, to Jesus, for us!


Today, I hope it’s ‘OK” to share a personal note. August 19th marks 11 years since my niece, Nicole, died in her sleep; she was 28 – a beautiful young wife and mother of 9-year old and 5-month old daughters, Mikayla & Grace.  The only ‘warning’ a benign cyst in her brain gave us was a few headaches. Our family was heart-broken & stunned...

Like today, it was a Sunday; between the 2 readings at Mass I got a message to ‘call home now’. Figuring it was Mom or Dad, when the answering service shared the message that it was
Nicole, I collapsed in the sacristy; struggled to share the news with the Sunday Assembly at Lourdes; finish Mass; and get to tell Mom & Dad, and join my sister & brother-in-law and nephew.

Still missing Nicole, her death was an invitation to wrestle with Faith, God, life, grief &
depression.  I found my fear of death dispelled; but there were also questions I still don’t have answers for, like: “How could Heaven be better for Nicole than raising her 2 daughters here”? Her loss drew our family more tightly together, more determined to talk, especially to tell each other we love each other, every chance we can.

As school year busy-ness gears up, let’s not ever miss that chance to treasure those we love...on both sides of Eternity’s Gate! Here & There...


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