Fr. Tim's Letter - August 12, 2018

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People of the Resurrection...

We have a boatload of business to consider together this “Dog Days of Summer” week!  Give it all some thought; but don’t forget that it’s still summer, OK!?!

We have filled both of our open staff positions!  Please join me in welcoming Nancy Baldschun as our Coordinator of Faith Formation, and Susan Perrault as our new Pastoral Minister.  They introduce themselves in this week’s bulletin.

Both Nancy & Susan bring many gifts, experience, deep Faith and sincere enthusiasm to our Staff and our Parish Family. Please join me in openness to them, and how God will use them to help lead us forward!  Thank God! Thank them! And thank you!

Rosemary Baloun, Katie McAllister & Sheila De Luca have various changes in their ministries and responsibilities in light of these hires. And Terry Buboltz completes his ‘official’ responsibilities for Youth Ministry and Mission Trips. (I’ll have more about that next week!)

Parish Mission Planning – ‘Pilot Wave’.  The Diocese has asked us, along with St. Matthew’s, to participate in this ‘test wave’ of ‘strategic mission – not maintenance - planning’; all parishes will eventually make their way through the experience. 

Admittedly, as an Art Major, and not so much a fan of strategic planning, nonetheless I found the experience to be enlightening, rewarding, and guided by the Holy Spirit. Some of the best, most honest and still hopeful discussions I’ve ever had in parish life have occurred in these meetings at Resurrection! It brought me to tears one night! Praise God!

Thanks for our “Team”: Mary Burich chaired the group; Rosemary Baloun, Jeff Burich, Gerry Faller, Carrie Gossens, Jenni Harris, Katie McAllister, Tom Wall and I worked, guided by Dr. Joe Bound, Barry Metzantine, Peter Weiss, Todd Blahnik, and several other diocesan staffers. We will have more ‘results’ soon; for now, we are grateful that God’s Spirit leads us forward!

Autumn Fest – 2018 is 2 weeks away! Please pray for good weather; please sign up to help, if you can; please plan to come; and please bring along a lot of folks with you! It’s amazing how simple food & drink, warm hospitality and down-to-earth fun can announce the Gospel & engage folks in Jesus Christ & the Church!

Christmas Masses – We’re just looking to offer the best experience for as many people as possible on this feast which draws so many folks together….home….and to Church! 
Check out the survey in this bulletin and please give us your honest, constructive feedback, OK? Thanks very much!

Glad to continue forward, together in Jesus Christ –

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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