Fr. Tim's Letter - August 26, 2018

People of the Resurrection...

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It’s a ‘big week’ ahead for the Community of St. Norbert Abbey; and I wanted to share, and ask your prayers for our Community! Following the Rule of St. Augustine, his feast, on August 28th, is the day we welcome new men, and profess our temporary and perpetual vows – and so, it’s also our anniversary as well. For me 35 years in vows – pictured with my niece, Nicole in 1983.

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Frater Jordan Neeck will profess Solemn (permanent) Vows this year, and be ordained a deacon the next day!  He’s a native of Philips, WI and a graduate of St. Norbert College (Accounting Major). He will serve at “Old” St. Patrick’s, Chicago.

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Rev. Frater Patrick LaPacz will be ordained a priest on Wednesday.  A son of St. Agnes Parish, Green Bay, and a graduate of Notre Dame Academy & St. Norbert College, he professed Solemn Vows last year.  He will serve as a parish priest in Chicago.

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Father Peter Ambting will profess “Simple” (3-year) vows; he is from Holland, 10 years a diocesan priest. He felt the ‘Call to Religious Life’ and so joins us.  He will serve as part of the “College of Chaplains” at St. Norbert College Parish.

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Frater Jonathan Turba will also profess “Simple” vows.  He’s from Platteville, a graduate of UW- Eau Claire; he taught Music at Iola-Scandinavia.  He will begin graduate studies for priesthood in Chicago.

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Frater Griffin Burris will be vested as a novice. He is from Sacred Heart Parish, Shawano, a 2018 graduate of St. Norbert College.

As you might imagine, the Community of Saint Norbert Abbey is blessed by these men, now our brothers, who have listened, prayed, sought counsel, and responded “Yes” to the Call to
Holiness, Common Life and Ministry to the Church! 

Their idealism, particular gifts, perspectives, strengths and weaknesses and talents bless us, and help us all to grow in our response to the Vocational Call we have received!

Along with Kevin Ripley, and our brothers preparing for Diocesan priesthood, we have reason to “hope for the future”! 

And, I hope we also continue to pray, and to encourage our sons and daughters, and grandchildren to consider a vocation to Religious Life and Ministry, as God calls and the Church needs!

In Christian Marriage & Family Life; in Holy and Wholesome Single Life; in Religious Life, and every needed ministry…as God Calls, and we respond “Yes”, please….

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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