Fr. Tim's Letter - July 1st, 2018

People of the Resurrection…

I’ll pause the 3rd installment of the “New Pastor’s Impressions”, from the Annual Parish Meeting. There are three ‘priority items’ which deserve our attention, prayer and gratitude!

On Saturday, 3 of our brothers were ordained priests for the Diocese of Green Bay by Bishop Ricken. They are: Fathers Jose’ Lopez, Greg Parent and Kyle Sladek. Today they celebrate ‘First Masses’ at St. Philip, Green Bay, SS. Peter & Paul, Green Bay and St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, respectively. 


Father Jose’ will be the Associate Pastor at Manitowoc, St. Francis of Assisi; Father Greg will serve as Associate Pastor of the Quad Parishes on the northwest side of Green Bay; and Father Kyle will serve as Associate Pastor at Holy Cross/St. Katherine Drexel Parishes in Kaukauna. Who knows? One of them may be our pastor someday?

For now, let’s pray in thanksgiving that they have answered God’s Call and the Church’s need; and let’s ask God to be close by them as they settle into priestly life and ministry!  And let’s also pray for vocations from among our own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, so that all the ministries of the Church may be powerfully shared!

Fr. Dane.png

Then, on Monday, our new abbot, Fr. Dane Radecki, will receive the abbatial blessing from Bishop Ricken during Mass at the abbey. He is the 7th abbot of our Community – a ‘father’, pastor, prelate, leader. Abbot Dane has many and varied gifts and experiences to bring to this ministry, for us and with us.  Please join me in prayer that God will bless him, and bless us through his ministry!  We are glad that he will preside at our  St. Matthew/Resurrection Confirmation in September!

Our nation turns 242 years old on Wednesday, the Fourth of July – Independence Day! Certainly, it’s a day to celebrate, count our blessings and give thanks!  It’s also a day to be reminded of the founding principles upon which the United States of America is grounded. 

And given the chaos, division and polarities which besiege us at the present time, it sure could be expected that the 8:05am Mass would be ‘standing room only’, as we ask God to help us to live faithfully, together.

In the blessing & challenge of these gifts, we ask…

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

Fr. Tim

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