Fr. Tim's Letter - June 24th, 2018


People of the Resurrection...

Continuing this week – the 2nd installment of the “New Pastor’s Impressions”, from the Annual Parish Meeting. It’s in the context of a SWOT Analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This week – opportunities and threats…

…from the perspective of a new pastor, with both fresh eyes, ‘other’ experiences and very limited experience here at Resurrection.



  • Our being in a period of “transition” offers a chance for additional perspective, renewal and continuing growth (“Continuing Conversion”, as Norbertines would say.) in the Lord. I suppose it could also be seen as a threat; each of us has to decide about that.
  • A realistic attitude, on the part of the Diocese (us as well?) to ‘face the facts’ regarding declining membership & participation…viewing them as challenges and chances for growth.
  • The re-focus, on the part of the Diocese, on a “Christ-Centered” approach to our being the Church – i.e. “Do you know Jesus?”
  • The Alpha Program for small group faith-sharing has enormous potential, having reached 1.7 billion folks world-wide already!
  • Continued & increasing cooperation & collaboration with diocesan initiatives, St. Matthew’s and other cluster parishes & St. Norbert Abbey offers broadened vision, beyond our own limited vantage point.


  • Resistance to “gracefully surrendering the things of youth” (Desiderata - 1927) …staff,
  • customs, patterns, personal preferences, styles, so that our parish family can grow forward, from the good, and toward what’s still unfinished in us. (i.e. -“We’ve always done it, and done it this way.”)
  • A shallow pool of potential participants in ministry, committee work and leadership.
  • “Theological polarization”
  • Present disengagement of many of our high school aged members and young adults.
  • Insufficient energy & impetus to go to the marginalized for Evangelization.

Far from being the ‘whole story’, they are pieces which ‘stand out’ when looking with ‘new eyes’. How would you list our opportunities & threats? Perhaps another bit of ‘homework’ for these summer weeks?

 In all of it, we trust…

“God will bless us...EVERY one”!

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