Fr. Tim's Stewardship Letter

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+ Easter Tuesday + April 3rd, 2018 + 

“What return can I make to the Lord, for all the good He has done for me?
I will raise the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord!
My vows to the Lord I will fulfill, along with all God’s People!”
Psalm 116:12-14.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Resurrection,

            Having been blessed with 40 Lenten days, Divine Mercy, Holy Week, and the Sacred Triduum, we’ve just begun revel in the power of the 50 days of the Great Day of Easter!  The ‘John 3:16 Truth’“God loved the world so much that the Only Son was sent to save us.” – is sinking deeper and deeper into our hearts, minds and souls, please God!

All of this ‘begs the question’ posed by Psalm 116: “What return shall we make to the Lord?” in praise and gratitude…the fundamental ‘Stewardship question’!

  • What difference does Jesus Christ make for me? For us?
  • What difference that the Holy Spirit animates us? Calls us? Sends us out to the world?
  • What difference that we encounter Jesus through the Church’s local and global life?
  • What difference do Scripture, Sacrament, Community & Mercy make in our daily living?

Since the Church teaches that the Sunday Mass – the remembering of Jesus Life, Death and Resurrection – to be the “source and summit of the Christian life” (Lumen Gentium #11), then everything we do as parish, diocesan and Universal Church flows from the altar – everything!

This weekend – commitment weekend – invites us once more, to allow the ‘flow’ of God’s Gifts…from the altar to reach the world through our life together here at Resurrection.

Our ‘Mission’ declares that we are: “Generations of Disciples, Living a Stewardship Way of Life”! The renewal of the is commitment also reminds us that all we do, share, dream, build and offer is because first, we have received Jesus; “through Christ, with Christ and in Christ” our efforts are offered, advance and bear fruit - for this world and for Eternity.

Hopefully the Annual Ministry Fair, this past weekend, along with the ‘re-commitment’ invitation, stirred our imaginations and cause some excitement and reflection!

  • What can we offer?
  • Where is a particular need that we can address by our stepping up?
  • How can I ‘make a difference’, stepping up to help ‘tend the vineyard’ of Resurrection Parish Family – nurturing it forward for those to come, as others have done for me?
  • What ministry have I received, that now I can offer to give as a gift?
  • Where does a pressing need, overlap with the gifts and talents that God has given me?

Please, Sisters & Brothers, join me in Easter praise and thanksgiving! Together let us, who have come to know and love Jesus, follow His example in the generous and faith-filled sharing of what we have received and who are!  Generations of Disciples, Living a Stewardship Way of Life

“God bless us…EVERY one”!

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