“Fill the Ark” to Launch Hope Into the World

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Our Gift Ark goal is $5000, and may include:

·        Two trios of ducks to help families in Cambodia by selling eggs and birds

·        Two flocks of geese to help families in China better their nutrition and income through the production of eggs and meat

·        Two goats to help two Ugandan families provide milk for their children and earn extra income

·        Two trios of guinea pigs to help Ecuadorian families add protein to their diets and earn income

Let’s fill the ark!  Donate at https://fundraise.heifer.org/Res or make checks payable to Resurrection with “Fill the Ark” in the memo line. Thank you for your global Lenten outreach via your stewardship of sharing!


If you want to learn more about Heifer projects, please visit their blog!