"Fill the Ark" Lenten Outreach


As it was for Noah, so it is today: the ark is about hope and a new beginning. For Heifer project families, farm animals can provide:

·        Nutritious food for the children through milk, eggs or meat

·        Income for housing, health care, school fees and other needs

·        Motivation to plant trees and grass and make other environmental improvements

·        A catalyst for community development

·        Small business training.

Heifer animals spread hope all over the world, as each participating family passes on the gift of one or more of their animals’ offspring to another family in need. This miracle of birth creates a chain of giving that continues for years.  Be a rainbow of hope to families in the world today. Donate at https://fundraise.heifer.org/Res Thank you for your stewardship of sharing.

If you want to learn more about Heifer projects, please visit their blog!