Fr. Tim's Letter - June 3, 2018

People of the Resurrection...

Continuing to share regarding some of the Personnel shifting, hiring, etc.  for 2018-2019 here in the parish family, I have 3 ‘Personnel things’ this weekend:

1)  Some shifting of current staff members’ job descriptions, along with those already mentioned regarding Michele Becker, include Rosemary Baloun (.6FTE) coordinating Sacramental Prep. for First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation, RCIA and RCIC and Children’s Liturgy of the Word, as well as on the team for Generations doing Child Care and Hospitality.

Katie McAllister (full-time) will shift to full-time Youth Ministry/Mission Trips and Young Adult Ministry.

Please join me in prayer as we advertise the 2 open positions, that good men and women will hear the call and respond to the invitation to serve the Lord here at Resurrection.

2)  Our Parish Business Manager, Deb LeSage is struggling again with cancer.  She’s a
candidate for a liver transplant, but that timeline is between 12-18 months.  Other staff members are ‘cross-training’ and covering at this time. Please join me in fervent prayer for her and Steve, their family and medical teams, that Christ’s gift of complete healing may be theirs!

3)  Marking the 31st anniversary of my ordination as priest today, I’m very conscious – along with every other ministry pool – of the acute shortage of priests – here in our own diocese.

I understand the frustrations, wounds and even resentments, around the Church’s limiting ordination to celibate men. I also feel caught many days in the midst of all of that – externally and internally.  And I also understand that this practice is decided other than at the level of my ‘pay grade’.

vocations004.JPG by St. Joseph courtesy of Flickr

Of course it is true also, that many tasks of ministry can be shared with other men and women, so that God’s Good People may be well-served.  But you should know that those ‘pools’ of candidates are shallow too these days!

In his letter of appointment last year, Bishop David Ricken asked me to encourage priestly vocations here at Resurrection (Norbertine priesthood is one ‘flavor’ and option please remember!) Not having yet a priest-son at Resurrection in our first 55 years, I hope we can think about that, pray about it – not only young brothers, but also parents and family members – about the possibility of rejoicing, encouraging, supporting should a son, brother or grandchild express a sense of that Call.

As with everything else, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide our Church – Universal and parochial, and to keep us all ‘open’ that with Vocations…

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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