Fr. Tim's Letter - May 20, 2018


Happy Birthday!

People of the Resurrection…

“Come Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of Your Faithful! Enkindle in us the Fire of Your Love!”

Pentecost is the 50th Day of the Great Day of Easter! Today, the season is brought to culmination in our remembering, but not our experiencing! That’s ongoing, every day, until Christ comes again!

We remember the birth of the Church through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s gifts – intended for every person, race & nation – for anyone who will receive these amazing, all-sufficient gifts!

“For God gives the Church – who & what the Church needs, where the Church needs it, when the Church needs it!” as an old Norbertine once told me! Of course, God would not ask us to “Go and make disciples of all the nations” without giving what is sufficient for the Mission and task!

In very real ways, we trust this truth here at Resurrection these days, as various shifts and changes take place in our staffing.

Soon after Easter Sunday, Lyle Becker, Director of the PRAYSE Choir for 38 years shared his intention to retire from that ministry on June 30th.  The impact of Lyle’s Christian Witness and Music Ministry is immeasurable through the years! And we are both grateful, and respectful of his discernment that ‘it’s time’. Thank you, Lyle!

With encouragement from staff and choir members, I asked our Director of Liturgy and Music, Michele Becker, Lyle’s wife, about the possibility of her taking this ministry as a ‘quarter-time’ position.  And after prayerful thought & discernment, she has agreed to accept this ministry.  We are delighted!

It will mean ‘letting go’ of several pieces of her present position description – Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach and Music Ministry for the Fr. Allouez School Masses. Thank you, Michele, for this openness in ministry, and for your long-term and faithful service to Christ and the Church at Resurrection!

Sheila DeLuca’s news regarding her stepping back from full-time ministry, in the May 6th bulletin also signals some changes for us. First of all we are grateful for who she has been for us in the Lord, since 1992; we give thanks for all she has done, and for her ‘being there’ throughout so many moments, for individuals and for us all! Thank you so much, Sheila! Her ‘quarter-time’ position will focus on CARE Ministry and Bereavement Ministry.

And, of course these shifts will require some ‘new hires’.  We have been discussing, discerning and mapping out 2 full-time positons…with particular focus on the Youth and Young Adults. 

As that process moves forward, we will share further news; and anybody is always welcome to make suggestions, or share opinions, ideas and concerns – directly - with any of the staff or Trustees at any time. At all times we pray –

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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