Fr. Tim's Letter - May 13, 2018

Happy Easter, still -

People of the Resurrection...
Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and the
Human Family, has passed beyond our sight,
not to abandon us, but to be our Hope. Where He has gone, we hope to follow! Alleluia! Alleluia!

The celebration of the Solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven takes Easter to a new level today!

Easter is certainly not only the ‘resuscitation of a corpse’, but the fullness of life for earth – the
ability to deal with anything life throws at us! 

And – today, we remember that the ‘deal’ of Faith includes “all of this, and Heaven too!”  How amazing! What a gift – that God has given us life in Jesus Christ for an earthly and an eternal destiny!

Of course, for those of us who have experienced the dying of loved ones, doesn’t that hoped-for reunion in Heaven pull us through grief and despair, and keep us going forward in life’s journey often enough? Thank God!

So please join me in soaking in even more deeply, the Easter Mystery and our Call to Life in Jesus Christ!


Today is also “Mothers’ Day”! Indeed – both physically and spiritually, our Mom’s providing the ‘heart’s first home’. 

And, so much like Jesus, ‘laying down their lives’ for us, and our Mothers, saying with Jesus, to us: “This is my body; this is my blood, given for you”…and my heart - broken, sometimes.

It can be so easy to ‘take for granted’ the immense gift of Mom; and for many of us, it’s only with time that grasp more completely, all that she has been, has done, has prayed, has sacrificed, has loved…for us!  Wherever “Mom” is today, let’s give thanks, offer a prayer…and maybe, a tear or a smile or a hug…and deep gratitude for “our heart’s first home” and the one who holds, please God, that irreplaceable spot in our hearts! Moms-we love you!


The celebration of First Communion last Sunday – a banner day in the life of 24 families & our parish family! Hopefully, also the cause to remember our own First Communion, and the continual pattern of receiving strength from the Body of Christ to live the Gospel, and Mercy from His Blood when we have stumbled short of the goal.

Giving thanks - “God bless us...EVERY one”!


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