Fr. Tim's Letter - May 6, 2018

Still…“Happy Easter”! People of the Resurrection...

“Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death!

And on those in the tombs, bestowing life!”

Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!


I realize that as we get 6 weeks out from Easter Sunday, that the “Happy Easter” greeting may feel tedious to you.

But if it’s to be more than just a ‘ritual remembering’…if it’s to remain real within and among us – this “Paschal Mystery” – then we dare not short-shrift it in our observance, and our ability to observe this pattern of humble, service, serene dying and rising to new life.  It is played out at smaller scale, and in the ‘grande scale’ of our life together in the Lord Jesus!  So, just a few observations of Easter Life here at Resurrection Parish Family:

  • Despite one of the worst snow storms in history – the snow banks have melted; the grass is greening; and buds and Spring flowers are emerging.
  • At the Baptismal Font, opened again with Easter, a steady stream of ‘newborns’ are being brought to be “reborn” in Jesus Christ and the Life of our Church – prepared to ‘live well’, to ‘die well’ someday, and to rise for Eternity in Jesus Christ!
  • With “Miracle Grow” in the Baptismal water, today we rejoice as 24 youngsters come to First Communion – beginning a weekly (or more frequent) pattern of relying on the Body & Blood of Christ for strength to live the Gospel, and mercy for the times they fall short.
  • Young couples – having fallen in love and grown in love – bring their relationships to Jesus, and to the Church, ready to make the life-long journey to Heaven’s Gate, as they celebrate weddings to initiate the Sacrament of Christian Marriage and Family Life!  Awesome!
  • And yes, just as farmers are getting ready to plant the seeds ahead of summer growing & autumn harvest, we continue to plant the seed of Christian lives, whose earthly walk is competed, and who have stepped through Death’s threshold.  We trust in Faith that our ‘Beloved’ who have died, are drawn forward in the power of the Risen Christ to the Heavenly Harvest and Eternal Banquet!

Along with all the many other transitions & changes that life throws at us, we see so much evidence of Jesus – living, dying and rising among us! In it all…“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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