Fr. Tim's Letter - April 22, 2018

Hello & Happy Easter People of the Resurrection...

Christ is risen form the dead, trampling down death by death! And on those in the tombs, bestowing life! Alleluia! Alleluia!!


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May I please share 3 things “Good Shepherd Sunday” :

The first 2 – the task of saying “Thank You”...

Firstly - to our Maintenance and Grounds Staff for the huge task of snow removal last weekend.  Glenn Champeau, Paul Doucha & Paul Becker had a gigantic task, as the rest of us – pastoral, liturgical and music staffers - were ‘excused’ from our duties for a ‘weekend off’! 

Thank you for the hard work, under tough conditions, brothers! We are in your debt, and we pray that Mother Nature has no more ‘tricks’ like that in the offing! God bless you!

Secondly – to our parishioner, Marian Sauvey, for the beautiful vestments that she made for Palm Sunday. 

She used the design of Henri Matisse (+ November 3, 1954), a modern French artist, for the chasuble & dalmatic, which she fashioned for Deacon Don and me to wear to begin Holy Week. 

palm sunday'.png

I saw one of Matisse’s chasubles (in Green Bay Packer colors) at the Vatican Museum in October.  The design is labor-intensive, with much applique’ work. Marian did a beautiful job! God be praised; and we are grateful! God bless you, Marian!



Thirdly – after almost 4 months here as your parish priest, through a pretty intense stretch of my family/personal life, and with a steep ‘learning curve’ as your pastor, I hope – at this writing, on Monday night – to ‘cash in’ a few vacations days...if I can secure priest coverage...this weekend.

My “heaven on earth” place is Morgan Lake, in Florence County. Our Abbey has some forest acres and a log cabin up there: very rustic; the only building on the lake; and best of all – quiet, simplicity & solitude enough to rest, reflect, pray, and get my bearings. A fire in the hearth, some cold beer, pizza & popcorn, a little music, a clear ‘starry night’ and some extra sleep always renew & redirect my flagging spirit. Alone at Sunday Mass at the fireplace, I certainly will call out...

“God bless us...EVERY one”!

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