Fr. Tim's Letter - April 15, 2018

Happy Easter, people of the Resurrection...

 “Christ is risen from the dead,
trampling down death by death!

And on those in the tombs,
bestowing life!”

Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!

Three things this Easter Weekend!

Fr. Dane.png

First, please join me, with prayers and congratulations, for Abbot Dane Radecki, chosen by the Community of St. Norbert Abbey on April 4th as the 7th abbot in our 125-year history. 

In many ways, the “abbot” is the “pastor” of the Community; “First among equals”, our tradition holds. He is 67 years old; 40 years a priest; an educator, administrator and parish priest - since July, at Holy Cross in Bay Settlement.  He has been elected for a 9-year term. Recently, Bishop David Ricken has asked our abbots to assist him and Bishop Bob Morneau with the Sacrament of Confirmation; so perhaps he may visit us in that ministry this autumn? Meanwhile, please your prayers for Abbot Dane and the Community of St. Norbert Abbey, that we may be “one in mind and heart on our way home to God”!!!

Secondly, sincere thanks to all those who had any part in our Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Triduum and Easter liturgies here at Resurrection. So much Faith, talent, planning, logistics and hard work went into all of this!  The liturgies unfolded beautifully (except for having to have Easter Fire (inside this year)!  Crowds were wonderful; the spirit was very warm!

As a believer and pastor, it certainly is the highpoint of parish life!  And this first year with you, it has been a joyful blessing to celebrate these Mysteries!  Thanks to God and all who made these days possible! Thanks to all who attended as well!

Thirdly our Stewardship Commitments to the Lord Jesus, the Church and our Parish Family at
Resurrection are renewed this weekend. How amazing the variety of ministries and activities and opportunities going on here! How beautiful the sharing; how profound the impact!

And how necessary, the continued commitment of each one of us…so that we can reach out to those who are away…those who left, those who haven’t yet come!

Deep gratitude for who you are, what you share, and how we are “together in the Lord” here at Resurrection!

Continuing to celebrate the 50 days of the Great Day of Easter…

“God bless us…EVERY one”!


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