Fr. Tim's Letter - March 3, 2018


People of the Resurrection...

Continuing to follow up on the Lenten practice of “Contemplating the Crucifixion”…as an image, in the Lord’s Prayer, in a posture and attitude of openness and surrender, I’m reminded of a little prayer from Friday Compline – the Bedtime Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours: “All-powerful God, keep us united with Your Son in His death and burial, that we may rise to new life with Him Who lives and reigns for ever and ever! Amen!”

A part of that ‘dying’, that ‘crucifixion’, can be experienced in the Sacrament of Reconciliation – Confession.  Truly, it is a ‘dying’…putting to death the “Seven Deadly Sins”, waiting for a weak moment to ambush us; also it is a dying to self, as humbly we acknowledge our humanity, our fear, our self-centeredness.  They told us in seminary that “self-absorption” is the worst sin one could commit!

Particularly for us introverts, the sacrament may seem terrifying; but if we can get by that
hesitation, and experience this kind of ‘dying’, there’s Resurrection Life on the other side – almost immediately! The best of Roman Catholic Christian feelings – walking out from confession with an absolute fresh start and clean slate!

I missed the chance myself, before Lent, with so much going on; and so last week, I knocked on Father Rod’s door.  He gladly made time to hear my confession and reminded me, that God forgives immediately; but to experience the full impact of Divine Mercy, this ritual is so important – so we can be “at our best”. I told him I wanted to “be at my best” for my Mom’s funeral the next day.

So the invitation is out: Saturdays - 2:00pm until 3:45pm; March 13th – 6:30pm (7 priests; no yelling; little waiting); and the 24-hour “Marathon of Mercy” Friday March 9th at 3:00pm until
Saturday, March10th at 3:00pm.  Or call to set up another time that works. You won’t regret it!

Also, with respect to ‘dying’, may I please say that my Mom, Germaine’s dying, on Mardi Gras Tuesday, has been a profound, daunting, powerful, happy, sad, holy, gracious and beautiful experience!

Germaine Shillcox.png

She has been a great Christian, wife, Mom & Witness for 96 years!  Helping to escort her to the ‘gate’ – an experience I’ll always treasure!

May I also please thank all those from Resurrection Parish Family, who have been so kind to me in this:  parishioners, staff, school community – offering prayers, encouragement, presence,
compassion, understanding, and gentle concern. I am in your debt. Both God, and my Mom, no doubt smile upon you!

Entering deeply, with Jesus and each other, into the mystery of life and death…


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