Fr. Tim's Letter - February 25, 2018

People of the Resurrection...

Hopefully your remember last week’s suggestion for Lent: To meditate quietly, observantly, prayerfully on the Crucifix as a way of staying close to the Lord, and growing in the pattern of His life, death and resurrection – The Paschal Mystery.

Another form of the Crucifix, is the Our Father – The Lord’s Prayer – so many days on our lips, and in our hearts. 

Maybe it’s good we learned it as children; later on, we might have shied away from its powerful meaning, its total demand for letting go!?!

Early Christians struck the pose of the Crucified Christ when praying The Lord’s Prayer, because they understood that the sacrifice it requires is no less than that of Jesus on Calvary!

I saw this 4th century fresco deep under the City of Rome, back in November,
a part of the Catacombs of Priscilla.


Such posture leaves one open to a cheap shot, gut punch, a knee in the groin, or a soldier’s lance – completely vulnerable! It suggests letting go of everything, and also being totally receptive to everything that God may give.  This is the attitude of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta puts it this way: “Give what He asks; receive what He sends; always with a smile.” 

Think of it…

Our (not my) Father (we’re all sisters & brothers); Your name be honored (not mine); Your heavenly dream (not my limited, earthly one); Your Kingdom (not my plans). Give all of us enough of what we need (not too little, and not too much, because either extreme is dangerous); forgive us (we all sin) but do that as we forgive others (mercy must be a 2-way street); help us when we’re tempted (In Jesus You know those intense temptations); deliver us from evil (You’re the only one who can; without You we’re lost).  Amen?  Amen! Yes, indeed!

Can we say “Yes!” to that total surrender? Can we go that far in dying to self, and trusting that God has full life (John 10:10) in store for us? 

Can we carry that Cross, suffer that Crucifixion, with Faith? Will we live that way…face our death, and the dying of our loved ones that way, always trusting in God’s power – like Jesus did?

Since the Church dares to pray that way; may we dare this Lent at Resurrection, to live that way, trusting that…

“God will bless us...EVERY one”!



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