Fr. Tim's Letter - December 22nd, 2018


Yuletide Welcome + Christmas, 2018 at Resurrection!

The Parish Family of Resurrection welcomes you “home”, one and all, to the Feast of Christmas” - the celebration of God’s Word, Jesus - in human flesh and blood! Particularly in a year when the world continues to be polarized, terrorized, stunned and blood-soaked, how important for us to be together in the Lord, Jesus!

Whoever you are, from wherever you have come, whether here a few days ago for Sunday Mass…or last Easter, or last Christmas...welcome!

If you come as first-time parents - understanding Mary and Joseph in a whole new way this year, of if you come as an elder, newly retired or newly registered as a member here, or if you’re ‘just passing through’...welcome!

If you’re home from college, recently graduated or re-located for a new job, single, just engaged or married, widowed or divorced...welcome!

If you’re entertaining doubts, confused, wrestling with addiction and recovery, or if you feel your life is out of control – a runaway train...welcome!

If you hurt from loss or feel alone or bear heavy grief...welcome!

If you feel life couldn’t be better, and enjoy prosperity, health, success and happiness, or if these experiences elude you ... welcome!

If you’ll be here next Sunday or Easter or next Christmas...welcome!

We’re so glad that you are here today!

So whoever you are, however God has brought you here to Resurrection for Christmas - welcome, one and all as we remember long ago, and experience through this Christmas Eucharist, that God’s desire is to live here, within us and among Jesus! As that happens –

“God bless us…EVERY one”!

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