Month of Thanksgiving Opportunities


Annual Outreach Collection in the Pumpkin Orange Envelope

In last month’s statement mailing you received the pumpkin orange envelopes used to mark this special Thanksgiving collection. This annual prayerful stewardship of sharing enables our parish to reach out in support of a myriad of Respect Life efforts:

· 50% of funds are used in the GB area

· 25% of funds are used in regional, national and global efforts

· 25% of funds are earmarked for education programs, advocacy and Earth Care

Please note these envelopes can be returned any time throughout the “Season of Gratitude” - at any mass, on any day, at any time. Additional envelopes can be found in the pew pockets throughout church. Should you have questions or concerns please contact Susan Perrault. Thanks ever!

 Thanksgiving Day Collection of Items for Our Green Bay Community

As the parish community, family and friends gather for the annual Thanksgiving Day Liturgy at 9:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning, November 22, everyone is invited to bring non-perishable food items, personal hygiene care products, and/or household cleaning supplies — all which will be donated to Paul’s Pantry. 

 Discipleship Tip: For those of you looking for ways to help the next generation make faith connections in a season bombarded by Madison Avenue Shop-Shop-Shop ‘Til You Drop Christmas Present messages, consider including children/teens in the selection of the personal hygiene care products to be donated to Paul’s Pantry. 

Discipleship Tip:

Ask the children/teens in your life “What kind of personal hygiene care products would a child/teen of your age like to receive?”

Take the children/teens shopping and have them make the selections accordingly.