Fr. Tim's Letter - December 2, 2018


Even though it’s the 1st Sunday of Advent, I’d like to reach back to “Thanksgiving”, which is, in our ‘church language’, Eucharist – the Great Thanksgiving, for Jesus Christ, and the Paschal Mystery of His living (as a humble servant and merciful brother); His dying (with serenity and absolute trust in the power of God the Father to preserve Him); and His rising (the glorious and eternal affirmation of God’s ultimate power over fear, sin and even death).

So may I offer 4 things about “Eucharist” here at Resurrection:

The results of the Annual Diocesan Head-Count on the first 2 weekends of November reveal that we have had 1,194 persons here on November ¾, and 1,029 on November 10/11.  The average is 1,111 – down about 90 people from last year, and about 24% of our membership. The challenge remains.

Please, may I observe, after 11 months here, how powerful the reverent silence is during the Eucharistic Prayer here, whether at weekend or daily Mass, funeral Mass or Children’s FACS Mass.  It’s so beautiful to experience your silence, focus, prayerfulness, attentiveness and reverence from where I stand at the altar!

I’ve never experienced a more powerful and pronounced sense of this focus! Praise God and thank you!

We’ve scheduled 3 weekends of Teaching Masses – at all 3 weekend Masses – February 2/3, 9/10 and 16/17.  Hopefully this can be a ‘refresher course’ on why we do what we do at Mass, cultivating deeper understanding, appreciation and participation. 

More information is to come. But please plan to be here, and welcome anyone who would like to enrich their experience to come also! It will all be within a 60-minute format.

I notice that as folks come forward for Communion, they bow reverently and beautifully; but because of the slant in the floor often enough come close to losing their balance or equilibrium!? Yikes!  Please remember to be careful. 

If bowing throws you off, please substitute another form of reverence…a short, whispered prayer, perhaps?

Grateful for this “source and summit” of our Life in Christ as the Church, we pray…

“God bless us...EVERY one”!