Fr. Tim's Letter - November 25, 2018


Hello People of the Resurrection...

The Year of Grace, 2018, ends today; and Advent, & a new liturgical cycle of remembering for 2019 will begin next weekend. Trappist monk, Thomas Merton observed:

“Our beginning is our end;

and our end is our beginning.”

Concluding, we celebrate the Solemn Feast of Christ the King today, & how it will be at the end of time, when Jesus ‘rules’ over all.

Beginning, next week, our Advent waiting is cast, not in anticipation of Christmas, but as our “waiting in joyful hope” for the 2nd coming in glory of Jesus, at the end of earthly time, when, please God, we will be gathered into Christ’s Rule & Kingdom. 

Christ is the beginning & the end;

the Alpha & Omega,

the beginning & the end,

the ‘first’ & the ‘last’

of our Faith. (Revelation 21:6)

Practically speaking then, Advent isn’t so much about Christmas preparation, but about preparation for the 2nd Coming of Jesus – wanting to be ready to go out to meet Him, unafraid and confident as we present our life for an accounting of our Christian Stewardship.

For some in our parish family, in our immediate circle of family and friends, this new cycle of 2019 will be the time of Christ’s 2nd Coming, to call them through “death’s moment and gate”, right?  So the message of the Baptist, 2000 years ago is timely: “Prepare the Way of the Lord!”  Get ourselves ready!

In a sense, all of life is Advent.

The season’s Sunday & Daily Mass Scriptures, especially Isaiah, detail the complete perfection and total healing which will come with the Kingdom’s fullness.  “The blind will see the lame will leap; the prisoners will be freed.”

Also to be detected, a radical reversal of fortunes in terms of Gospel justice: “the mighty cast down from their thrones, and the lowly raised up; the starving filled up, and the rich sent away empty.” (Luke 1:52,53)

Only after 2 Advent weeks of reminding us that we’re waiting for Christ to come again, does the Church’s liturgy begin to remind us about the 1st time Christ came – in Bethlehem – so that remembering that humble arrival of the Messiah, can fuel our Faith, and our preparation and readiness for the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Let’s give Advent its due; let’s not rush Christmas – its 12 days will come in due time. Right now, as we wait in joyful Hope, for the 2nd Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ...

“God bless us...EVERY one”!