Fr. Tim's Letter - November 18, 2018


Hello People of the Resurrection...

National Thanksgiving is upon us already this Thursday, November 22nd!

It makes me smile inside to think that at least once, late in the year, our secular culture catches up with what we as Roman Catholic Christians do every day: “give thanks - offer the Eucharist” – the Great Thanksgiving to God for the gift of Jesus and all the difference which He makes for us, our world; for here and for Eternity.

Saint Paul tells the early Church: “Dedicate yourselves to thanksgiving.”  (Colossians 3:15) –

“Count your blessings one by one.” goes the old song...and thank God for them!

Meister Eckhart observed: “If the only prayer you say in your entire life was “thank you”, it would be sufficient.”

40 Latin American Bishops of the Poor insisted in 1974: “We shall truly become Christians on that day when we weep – not because we have lost something, but because we realize that we have been given so much.”

One advertising professional suggested a few years back: “A person has to be thanked 17 times, before she or he hears it once.”

And...A Short Course on Prayer

…look what’s at the top of the list:

1 word; 1 syllable; 6 letters:


1 word; 2 syllables; 5 letters:


1 word; 1 syllable; 4 letters:


1 word; 1 syllable; 3 letters:


No word, no syllables no letters:


As a former student from Premontre ’89, Father Jim Erving, OMI, told me a few years before his death, of cancer, at 43: “Tim, whenever, why-ever, however tears fall on a person’s cheek, God is right then and there, in the person’s heart.”

And finally, on Thanksgiving...from Elvis Presley: “Thank You! Thank you very much.” Delighting to give thanks, to God and one another...“God bless us...EVERY one”!