Fr. Tim's Letter - November 11, 2018


Hello People of the Resurrection...

Along with the many predictable, pastoral pieces of parish life, recent weeks, months have presented a variety of other pieces of the job – a steep learning curve in this first year as pastor.

Some are good news; some are very difficult and challenging.  Please, let me share:

The Collection for our Friends at Okolona, Mississippi was wonderfully generous – almost $70K! Thank You to all who shared!

Deb LeSage. our Business Manager and Director of Development for 28 years, has struggled in recent months with major health issues.  We’re storming Heaven with prayers for her. Our love and thanks for you, Deb! But along with her husband, Steve, she’s decided to look at long-term disability.  The wait for a transplant is 12-18 months and the cancer and its treatments have taken so much of her energy.

Jenni Harris, our Bookkeeper is ‘training up’ to cover a lot of the Business/Financial aspects. She’s working very hard! Thank You! Short-term, Paula Nault from the Diocese, and a professional from Schenk for 2days/week are assisting in closing out last fiscal year and updating monthly reports. Thank You!

A most competent and faith-filled Finance Council, chaired by Gerry Faller, and 2 of the finest Trustees I could imagine, Mary Burich & Mike Simmer, are all monitoring, assessing, guiding and assisting in this challenging time. We want to reverence and support Deb and also the needs of our Parish Family. Thank You!

Jane Lyon, our Administrative Assistant, chose to conclude her ministry here on September 14th. She has been so dedicated and competent! Her presence in that role is missed, but we’re grateful that she is a parishioner and particularly that she has been willing to help us with this year’s Lo-Sec Safe Environment Compliance – flowing from the 2002 Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults. This is an essential part of parish life. We have to get it right and Jane is helping us. Thank You!

Amberly Boerschinger, Katie McAllister & Sheila DeLuca have also gone above & beyond to help! Thank You all!

Katie Ellingson will begin as our Administrative Assistant on November 13th.  From a wide field of candidates, she emerged as a good fit for the role, with the staff and for the parish family. Welcome & Thank You Katie!

In all of this, and whatever is nextplease, “God bless us...EVERY one”!