Fr. Tim's Letter - January 7, 2018

Van Gogh.png


People of the Resurrection...

In the 1970’s, Vincent van Gogh’s painting, “Starry Night” was iconic - popular in college dorm rooms and more formal settings. Don McLean crooned about it the 1972 song, “Vincent”. Finding out that van Gogh had earlier been an evangelical pastor in a poor mining village (drummed out for homilies too long, too intense), made his art even more attractive to me, as it echoed Psalm 8:4,5:

“When I see the heavens, the work of Your hands, O God! The moon and the stars, which You arranged! Who are we that You care for us? Only mortals, but You keep us in mind!”

The thing about this amazing 1889 canvas, is that in order to create it, van Gogh had to work in the dark, travel in the night. He had to set aside the need to be secure, comfortable, familiar & safe. He needed to stumble, fumble, and keep working, creating.

This is also true for the ‘3 Wise Men’ of Epiphany. Astrologers, they followed stars only visible to guide them at night.  And their courage against the fearsome darkness was rewarded: They found Jesus!

As we begin to walk together here at Resurrection Parish this week, dear sisters & brothers, we too must travel in the dark. Not knowing the future, or each other very well (yet), the road cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy – only hope.  And there’s anxiousness in that for us all, isn’t there?

But through the darkness of the unknown, letting the light of Jesus within us shine gently, twinkle beautifully, we can each help guide each other – calm each other, too.  Then for sure, we will find Jesus on this journey.  Isn’t that what we desire most?

So beginning to travel together, on an unfamiliar stretch of road, whose course is still hidden, let’s not be afraid of the dark! Companions on the journey...

“God bless us...EVERY one”!