Fr. Tim's Letter - January 28, 2018

People of the Resurrection…

May I continue a bit on last week’s focus on the pastoral priority of the absent, missing, lost or alienated sheep of Christ’s flock?

One important observation I’d make from these first few weeks at Resurrection: There are so many folks – staff and volunteers - facilitating, providing and engaged in such a wide range of programs, opportunities and activities to form, facilitate, cultivate and grow our personal and communal Faith and relationships with Jesus and each other as the Church! Those who are here are beautifully, amazingly served and called to service! ‘Praise God’ & thank you for this blessing!

But the challenge of our absent brothers and sisters, in terms of our Church’s “main event”, its “source and summit”- Sunday Mass , remains before us, as only 1 in 4 participate here (a ‘rate’ just lower than diocesan and national averages). 

Along with the increasing secularization of our culture, and more and more folks who have never consciously encountered God or the Church, our work is cut out for us. I want to continue to keep my own eyes, and our collective vision on that ball.

I figure that the parish “stakes” me to be available for “us”, and also for anybody who calls or comes through the door in need of pastoral care.

Invite anyone to come, or to refer, or direct me to reach out.  I’m at the jail on a regular rotation, and the hospitals; I’ve received from Roseann & Sheila the homebound/assisted living/nursing home roster.  I’m trying to schedule visits to 2 state prisons. Any other direction you can offer in this is welcome!

Also I wanted to mention 2 things with regard to funerals (just 1 this week).

Bishop Bob and I talked in November.  He knows, from me, and I want you to know too, that he is welcome to preside and/or preach or concelebrate at any funeral here at Resurrection while I’m your pastor.

If that’s a request you’d like to make at the time of need, you can do that directly to Bishop
Morneau; and he’s free to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as he decides and is available. Then, he will let me know.

We also agreed that, as your present pastor, I will concelebrate with him, offer words of support, sympathy and gratitude after Communion, and take the Final Commendation.

I hope you find this respectful of all of you and to both of us. The pastoral relationships which develop over the years are blessings to parish priests (and bishops), as well as parishioners and friends! That’s a blessing to be honored, one way that...

 “God does bless us...EVERY one”!

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