Fr. Tim's Letter - January 21st, 2018

Papal Cross.jpg

People of the Resurrection...

“Where do I begin…where do I start?” asked the theme song from Love Story (1970); I’m asking the same thing, a few weeks in as your parish priest here at Resurrection!

Of course there’s scheduled stuff – Masses, Confessions, Staff Meetings and a host of other meetings to begin to plug into my calendar.  Our staff has been so helpful in offering background, explanations and rationales for the many activities, ministries and outreaches that are a part of our parish family; I appreciate this very much, even though  some days, “my sponge is saturated” with new information!

And, we’ve had funerals – unpredictable-but-cherished moments to stand with our brothers and sisters in loss; to celebrate all that has been, and to confirm our trust in all that lies ahead because of the Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  

But I also realize that it falls to me to set some ‘personal pastoral priorities’ and follow through with them. That’s different for each pastor.

                Praying about it, I became conscious of 2 things: 1) Jesus stated & lived the business of being “for the lost sheep” (Luke 15:3-7)/Matthew 9:13).

2) Pope Francis, whom I love so much also call us out to the marginalized. His bishop’s cross, even in Buenos Aires, replaces the Crucified Christ with the Good Shepherd, caressing the Lost Sheep.  (I brought back a copy from Rome – only 12 euro – not to ever wear, but to contemplate and pray with!

Staff told me that the annual “head count” for weekend Masses indicated 25% of our members are here; that’s just below the diocesan figure.  Increasing numbers of folks don’t identify with Jesus, Church or religious practice...only ‘spirituality’.

This leads me to want to focus on the lost, the absent, those who feel estranged, sent away or wounded, and those who can’t come to be with us!

I believe that’s what Christ would do.

Are you such a person or do you know someone who is? Have you been hurt, shunned, wounded, confused or alienated in some way? Do you wrestle with the complexities of human life?

Please…how can we help? How can I help? What do you need that we can provide? I’d love to visit – listen to you; no judgments; an apology if one is needed; a ‘welcome’ or ‘welcome home’, for sure; and respect for you, no matter what. Please give me a call, or call in the name of another; I’ll reach out!

That no one be lost..please…

“God bless us...EVERY one”!