Generations of Disciples (G.O.D.) Starts Tomorrow!

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This coming Wednesday evening (6:00 PM), we begin another season of “Generations of Disciples,” a formation program open to all members of our parish.  We are called to
be life-long learners. G.O.D. is one way to deepen our understanding and love of our faith.

           This year’s theme is “Ancestry.God.” We hope to learn more about our spiritual DNA, reflecting on the roots of our faith as individuals and as a community.  One experience of faith came to a woman named Josephine Bahita (canonized by JP II).  Her experience: “God created us, knows us, loves us, and awaits us.”  This grace moment helped her to know her spiritual ancestry and her DNA makeup.

Here are the topics for our G.O.D. program:

9/13 “We Come to Share our Story”   (Sheila DeLuca, Amberly Boerschinger, Bp. Bob)

10/11 “500th Anniversary of the Reformation”  (Pastor Lori Swenson, Ascension Lutheran)

11/8 “Who are my mother and sister and brother . . .?”  (Paula Reider)

12/13 “Welcome Inn – Do you have room for Me?”  (Jane Angha)

1/10 “The Catholic Story – Once Upon a Time”  (Fr. Paul Demuth)

2/14 “Ash Wednesday – followed by Inter-Generational Night”

3/14 “Following the Matriarchal Line”  (Kathleen Gallagher-Elkins)

4/11 “Ever Ancient, Ever New”  (Fr. Tim Schillox, O. Praem.)

Every family tree is unique.  Our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents have passed on to us physical, emotional, and intellectual qualities that make us different from one another.  But in the spiritual realm we date back to a single creative and redeeming God.  Here we have a universal identity that makes us daughters and sons of God and members of the same family.  We have much to learn about what this faith-fact means in our daily lives. 

Again, G.O.D. is for everyone – the young and old, teenagers and young adults, all school children whether public or private.  Please consider attending the sessions.

Peace and joy in the Lord,

Bp. Bob