"Wonder Woman" Movie Review

“Wonder Woman” Movie Review

By Amberly Boerschinger

Let’s start by saying that I don’t typically see films on the big screen because it costs the same as a down payment on a car and most films don’t live up to the hype.

In this case, I also had to ask myself if this was a film to which I could take my 7-year-old daughter. This was a tricky question and not just because of the PG-13 rating. This same weekend, my daughter had taken it upon herself to fly around the house declaring a Scripture passage from Proverbs that hangs on her wall, “She is clothed in strength and dignity!”  (Proverbs 31). I certainly did not want to counteract such a beautiful encounter with God’s Word with a poor message from Hollywood.(Check out our the “Weekly Updates” online for a link to the video of Ms. Proverbs 31!)

My first stop was commonsensemedia.org which evaluated each aspect of the film. I threw out the “outlier” reviews and opted to favor more balanced, age-specific, and content-specific commenters. Then, I had to make a decision - was *I* prepared to discuss the film and answer her questions after the fact? I was. We went. I was NOT disappointed.

Certainly there is violence, but the film is not gory. Moreover, the literary roots of the DC series made a wonderful jumping off point for conversations about Greek and Roman mythology. The language was most appropriate and to my eyes, the costuming was more appropriate than the comic itself. The casting was wonderful and we were able to discuss the fact that the actress was, in fact, 5 MONTHS pregnant in real life and had a very healthy body image. There was one “mama-blindfold moment” (hand over the eyes) toward the beginning of the film that involved a man covering his genitals and also a scene where an overnight stay was alluded to, but overall, the sexual content is kept to a minimum.

While the feminine empowerment is a strong underlying current, Wonder Woman’s character was beautifully innocent and exuded the courage of an unstained youth. She wrestled with coming-of-age issues and concerns about being “different” or “set apart” from the rest of humanity.

I will tell you that my most significant affirmation for seeing this film and taking my young daughter to it was what she told me was her favorite part. “Mom, my favorite part was when that one character did something that saved everyone else.” Amidst all of the beautiful casting, costuming, scenery, and lessons, my daughter remembered the lesson of self-sacrificing love. I call that a win in the parenting column!

Not everyone is going to agree with my choice or my evaluation of this film so follow your instincts. I just wanted to share my take on this beautiful film-rendition of a classic comic series and highly recommend it for any curious adults.