Ways to Use Waste Water and be Good Stewards of Our Precious Resource

Downtown Green Bay, Wi by Karen Eckberg courtesy of Flickr

We are called to be good stewards of our environment. Fresh water is one extremely important resource in our world and one that many of us in America take for granted.

  • Water plants, both indoor and outdoor

  • Water animals (my kids LOVE dumping their leftover water into the dogs’ bowl!)

  • Wash dishes (be sure to rinse with clean, clear water)

Moreover, there are ways that we can go beyond conserving water and actually protect our water sources. 40 percent of all lakes and streams are too polluted to use for fishing or swimming in the United States.

Be attentive to the chemicals you are using on your lawns and gardens and where your water run-off goes. Phosphorus is of main concern. Lots of run-off in our area feeds into rivers and streams that run into both our bay and our ground water.

Be aware when you are enjoying boating and fishing to keep rubbish, cans, bottles, and invasive species (like zebra mussels) from our beautiful waters.

If you have pets, be quick to pick up and dispose of their waste before sprinklers or rainwater wash potential bacteria into the runoff water.