The Journey Makes Us One

Dear Parishioners,

I have fixed my eyes on your hills, Jerusalem, my Destiny!
Though I cannot see the end for me, I cannot turn away.
We have set our hearts for the way; this journey is our destiny.
Let no one walk alone. The journey makes us one

Each Sunday of Lent we have begun our liturgy with this haunting, yet hope filled refrain.  Those last lines “Let no one walk alone.  The journey makes us one” have been jumping out at me so often in the last weeks thanks to all of you.

One of our parishioners was scheduled for surgery.  With no relatives nearby and the weather threatening for travel, she was resigned to bear it alone.  Yet by 6AM, there were her Sunday morning donuts and coffee friends and her work out partner standing at her bedside giving her comfort , strength and hope.  “Let no one walk alone…”

Newcomers to our parish gathered for a welcome dinner with otherparishioners and staff.  One after the other remarked on the warm welcome they have experienced in this parish.  Several indicated that after attending for several weeks, even months, they simply felt at home.  “Let no one walk alone…”

After almost 3 years of caregiving, a parishioner knew it was time for her spouse to be moved from home to a care facility.  As difficult as that decision was, she was able to make it knowing she had the support of the parish, of hospice and her family.  We can bear with so much when the grief is shared.  “Let no one walk alone…

This past Sunday the RCIA catecumen and candidates and their sponsors spent the afternoon on retreat in preparation for the Easter Vigil.  They celebrated their First Reconciliation with Bishop Bob and Fr. Dean – all of us praying with and for them.  They shared during lunch and at the end how becoming part of this community of Resurrection and of the Catholic Churc h has given them a new sense of identity, connection, bonding as a community.  “The journey makes us one.”

With whom will you walk into Jerusalem, up to Calvary and into the Easter Garden of hope?

Journeying with you,

Sheila DeLuca