Weekly Update July 12, 2017

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We have entered the "dog days" of summer when the heat and humidity are high and patience gets low. Let's make an extra effort to act with kindness and concern to those we encounter this week.


Generations of Disciples - We are well underway preparing for Generations of Disciples, our parish faith formation. This year's theme is "Our Spiritual DNA: Church History and Our Story". Families of all shapes and sizes and all parish members and guests are welcome to join us on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for speakers and grade-level learning. Visit www.gbres.org/faithformation for more information and/or click here to register.

Love Begins Here, Green Bay - Did you know we have an adopted seminarian at our parish? Kevin Ripley grew up in Pulaski and went to UW Madison to receive a degree in mechanical engineering. He is now in seminary learning to be a priest and is serving this summer with Love Begins Here – Green Bay. LOVE BEGINS HERE provides middle and high school youth with an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in a life changing way through week long, local Mission Trips where they live in Catholic community and continue His work on earth.

Check them out on Facebook or at the Love Begins Here website!

Congratulations to Justin Alworden & Erin Patterson who will be married at Resurrection on Friday, July 14th.


July 20, 2017 @ 7:00pm - "God and Tell My Sisters and Brothers: Celebrating Mary of Magdala 2017", prayer service and conversation followed by a reception in the gathering area

August 15th, 2017 Feast of the Assumption of Mary - Holy Day Masses at 8:05am and 6:00pm

Save the Date: August 27th, 2017 - Autumnfest

  • Science and Religion with Mayim Bialik (Amy from "The Big Bang")
  • Lesson of the Week - A woman walk into a coffee shop and says, "One black coffee." The barista answers, "Coming up, that will be $5." A second woman walks in and says, "May I have one black coffee please?" The barista answers, "Coming up, that will be $2.50." #MannersMatter